Bio David Lackey


On his sixth birthday, David Lackey was given an antique penny bank in the shape of a house. This simple gift ignited David's passion for collecting old objects, and he began to shop with his parents at flea-markets and garage sales. By the age of 12, he was selling at weekend antiques fairs and to other dealers who appreciated his keen eye for quality items.

After graduating from Baylor University, David worked as a buyer for Foley's Department Store, although he continued to sell collectibles on weekends. He also leased space in an antiques mall to house and sell stacks of china and crystal he'd bought at estate sales. David soon became known as a local expert in ceramics and glass.

Business was brisk, David's reputation was growing, and in 1983 he was dealing antiques on a full-time basis. But he longed to further his knowledge of antiques beyond what could be gleaned from daily experience and information found in reference materials of the time. So in 1985, he liquidated his business and enrolled in Christie’s Fine Arts course, a year- long intensive taught in London. The coursework, inspirational instruction, and access to Europe's best museums and private collections profoundly deepened David's knowledge and appreciation of fine art and antiques.

David returned to Houston in 1986 and re-opened his business. In time, a staff was assembled and the business flourished. Ten years later, during the first season of the Antiques Roadshow, David was asked to appraise pottery and porcelain for a filming in San Antonio, Texas. His appraisal aired on the show and David was invited to other venues. Since 1998, David has appraised at every Antiques Roadshow filming and traveled to over 100 cities.

We invite you to join in the history of David Lackey Antiques & Art, as a buyer, seller, or Antiques Roadshow viewer. We can help you start or upgrade a collection or work with you or your decorator in adding antique furnishings and decorative arts into your interiors.